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Fort Ross: The Ship in the Shadow - By Roger McAfee


“For the history buff, there is a bit of history of the Canadian Arctic and the role of the Hudson Bay Company and its arctic freighters that sailed the ice-choked Northwest Passage to service its far-flung trading posts. For the lover of wooden boats, there is a description of of the building of the Fort Ross in 1938. And for the armchair sailor, there is the account of the trip in 1969 by the author and a group of friends to bring the Fort Ross from Nova Scotia on the Canadian east coast through the Caribbean and the Panama Canal to Vancouver, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada....This book has a lot to offer the reader who enjoys insights into events of our past as well as accounts of memorable cruises by those who don’t claim to “know it all.” Since few of us consider ourselves to be experts, we can relate with the events in this book.”

Good Old Boat
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