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The Steel Hull - By Roger McAfee


“...his book is not full of formulas and charts. What he does offer is decades of hands-on experience in taking old steel boats and bringing them up to cruising standards...He doesn’t “teach” cutting or welding steel but exposes the reader to the main considerations in order to give a solid working knowledge, whether you intend to do it yourself or hire a pro.”

- Armchair Sailor
Web Site Review

“...your book is easy to follow...your insight into the simplicity of steel building is refreshing and, on a larger scale, the shipyards I have worked in employ a number of the same techniques that you have described in examining ships for the extent of corrosion and how much to is always a major issue and it is refreshing to see you devote and entire chapter to it.”

Tom Croft BSE
(Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering)

“Methods and techniques described here can save hours, days and even years of time...Details and descriptions reflect knowledge acquired during the author’s lifetime of recreational and industrial hands-on boating experience.”

- GAM on yachting

“Well laid out and helpful...When I bought my Amazon 37 three years ago the surveyor, I now find, was also unfamiliar with your book...This year, in the last stages of a complete refit I found bad corrosion on the deck head in the chain locker, corrosion under the shower drain and one sea cock. Just like you wrote...I wish I had had your book back then.”

Michel Bourassa
Steel Boat Owner

“In The Steel Hull the author points out that research can result in substantial savings, not only in building or repair but also in fitting out. McAfee’s book should be considered as part of the research.”

Lynn King, President
Metal Boat Society