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The Warm Dry Boat - By Roger McAfee


“Roger’s premise is excellent: that a warm and dry boat is the key to successful cruising in temperate and in topical climates. The book sets forth a comprehensive stem-to-stern course of action to reach that goal... if you want an instructional book that will save you literally hundreds of groaning hours battling ...humidity and...mildew, I’d recommend The Warm Dry Boat for your workbench.”

- Good Old Boat magazine

“We find here discussions about items such as stoves and ventilation where opinions and requirement are usually matters of individual preference or needs. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect product and the author does a great job of giving the pros, cons and possibilities as well as encouraging readers to use their own initiative.”

- GAM on yachting

“With his mix of maritime storytelling and practical advice, McAfee is like your long-lost uncle. Sometimes ornery, sometime hilarious, he takes the technical very personally.”

- ARTFORUM International

“...if you’re serious about getting a handle on comfort, there’s much information here.”

- Pacific Yachting

“For interesting reading and valuable information, I recommend “The Warm Dry Boat” by Roger McAfee. It is the quintessential bible on this subject...”

- Northwest Yachting

“In his irreverent book, The Warm Dry Boat, Roger McAfee describes how he uses the smoke from his cigar to analyze a boat’s ventilation. He details how to improve comfort aboard by making small changes to increase the boat’s passive ventilation...”

- Pacific Fishing

“The innovative and amusing book frankly discusses the ins-and-outs of keeping a live aboard vessel warm (or cool) and dry... It offers a wealth of personal experience and not-overly-technical information and how-to’s...For anyone who has suffered through a season with a musty cabin, and needs friendly, cheap advice, McAfee’s Warm Dry Boat is the answer.”

- Great Lakes Boating

“McAfee’s observations and remedies are unique: you won’t find them anywhere else...The rational is clear and the methodology is invaluable whether you are battling stifling humidity or creeping mildew.”

- Armchair Sailor
Web Site Review

“...the book will be most useful in preparing a both the tropics or in cold climates. A spin-off lies in the provision of a benign environment for the internal electrical and mechanical bound to lead to considerable savings in maintenance, repair and inconvenience...”

- Boat Books New Zealand
Web Site Review

“I have a 31' steel hull sailboat and the foc’s’le was always cooler and damper than the rest of the boat and I didn’t want to make any major (and costly) changes to my heating system so I read The Warm Dry Boat...and spent a few minutes adjusting my forward hatch...In a short time the foc’s’le was as warm as the rest of the boat.”

- George Hone, author
The Northwest Passage On Ten Dollars A Day

“...we are experiencing an unusually warm July...and the issue is not heating but cooling. Here again this book has a chapter titled Cooling and there are numerous tips from Roger’s experience in the tropics which we have capitalized on to cool off.”

- David Hoar, co-author
Cooks Afloat

“Recommended reading: The Warm Dry Boat by Roger McAfee” - Dickinson Marine Ltd web site

- Dickinson Marine Ltd
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